You are a stranger to this land – a post-apocalyptic African landscape, reshaped by alien technology. You have a world to explore and choices to make in a sci-fi adventure like no other. Will you soak the soil in blood or help those in need?

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“The world of Beautiful Desolation is like a binder overflowing with artistic creativity...” - The Gameslashers

“Overall, Beautiful Desolation is brilliant” - Most Epic Win

A 2D isometric adventure set in a post-apocalyptic landscape in the distant future.


You are flung into a futuristic, alternate-reality South Africa dominated by advanced alien technology that’s both revered and reviled. Explore, solve puzzles, make key dialogue choices and be prepared to face tough decisions in a sci-fi setting left pretty much untouched by other games. From thriving African sci-fi villages to crumbling tropical cities. Mutated forests and bone-dry ocean beds – all beautifully rendered in 2D isometric art.

Local Voice Talent Give Life to a Whole Host of Unforgettable Faces

Humanity as you know it has been reshaped, something most evident from the characters in BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION. Technology and sentient life have become totally blurred. Religious zealot mechs run rife. Humans willingly stripped of their flesh for immortality. Trans-humanistic tribes warring for power. And ruthless alien-like hunter mercenaries roaming the grasslands – to name but a few. Meet and interact with over 40 unique and bizarre characters, each fully voiced by authentic African voice actors, with thousands of lines of dialogue and multiple conversation paths. Additionally, CGI cutscenes are strewn throughout the story to bring you even closer to this enthralling sci-fi world and its characters.


BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION features a vibrant and highly experimental soundtrack by none other than Mick Gordon, known for his work on DOOM®, Prey® and Wolfenstein®.


Controls, UI and movement have all been fully redone to work intuitively on console controllers. Experience a true gem from the PC adventure genre now with the use of your console’s gamepad.


This Digital Edition is expanded with free bonus content. You can enjoy also wonderful OST by Mick Gordon and handcrafted digital artbook which enhances your game experience.